Innovation is a huge marketing strategy for large companies. Apple, Nike, Samsung and other giants are leading the charge. But innovative products and services are not just for large companies.  Every company now needs to be innovating in order to stay ahead of the competition. Marketing New Innovations


How to nurture and protect the spirit of innovation in business?  As a first step, look out for the killers of innovation and creativity. Here are a few enemies of innovation:

  1. Fat and Happy: Sticking to what is safe, established and successful.  Remember the Smith Corona story and their decision to discontinue investment in Acer (Smith Corona folded after 100+ years, but Acer went on to become a top PC manufacturer)?  The saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" should be rewritten to: "if it aint broke today, it probably will be tomorrow."  
  2. Bureaucracy: Ideas are held back by forms, procedures and endless cycles of meetings.  Are you having meetings where you wind up talking about having meetings?  This is a sign...
  3. Overdone Planning and Strategy:  Many consulting firms and development centers start with a huge Business Plan as a first step to getting into business.  While planning and strategy are vital, they should not cause paralysis. How many successful musicians couldn't read sheet music? How many people without a college degree have changed the world?
  4. Lone Wolves: Even Einstein knew that collaboration is the springboard of successful innovation.  He published papers with other scientists, and held discussions with Niels Bohr over several years on the topic of quantum theory.  Successful innovation does not happen in a vacuum.
  5. Lack of Communication.  Big thinkers start to believe everyone just naturally knows what they are thinking without it being communicated.  Isn't it obvious?, it's not!
  6. Lazy Communication.  Saying the same thing in the same way as everyone else.  If nothing unique is being communicated in a mind-shifting way, others instantly tune out.

Enormous effort and discipline is needed to keep the innovative spark alive.  At Global Business Builders, we understand the innovative process, and how to market innovative companies.  Let’s discover your unique Identity, Positioning and Branding in the marketplace.

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Houston cityscape photo taken today, August 24, 2013.

Houston Innovation and Invention Marketing Companies


Houston is booming with innovation and invention companies in the Oil and Gas, Medical and High Technology industries. 


Here, as some examples, are a few excerpts from the Houston Business Journal:


  • Houston-based genetics testing company Gene By Gene, sells and processes mail-in test kits for people interested in tracing their ancestry.
  • Behavioral Recognition Systems Inc., a Houston-based software company, has developed its system to analyze imaging data from video surveillance tapes and make sure the data could recognize patterns and learn from itself.
  • Houston’s Synthesis Energy Systems Inc. is a technology company recently completed an engineering study on a large-scale system that uses gasification technology to turn renewable waste into methanol and methanol derivatives.


Getting the right message in front of the right people is critical to having a successful business and industry significance.  Invention and Innovation companies must also have the skill of using verbal and visual marketing to get people to take interest.


Global Business Builders specializes in marketing for innovation and invention companies who need help in helping others with their creations.  Call us today: (832) 491-3243.

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Houston High Tech Marketing Company

The train was a major mode of transportation in the 1800's.  Once a train was underway, stopping it was the major task. In 1872, George Westinghouse invented the automaMarketing Company in Houstontic air brake so that all cars of a train would brake at the same time.  Before this invention, brakemen would apply the brakes in one car and jump to the next and apply the brakes, and then to the next, and so forth. The air brake invention transformed a disconnected and dangerous process from a dangerous one where brakemen were often maimed or killed, into an integrated, connected system with better and faster results.


Today, successful businesses use a marketing system for better and faster results.  Instead of hopping from one tactic to another in a disconnected way, a well thought out marketing system brings together Houston Internet Marketing Systems Companyyour brand, strategy, tactics and automation into one integrated, powerful system pulling in multiple sources of profitable income.


3 systems that build businesses are:

  1. A System for Targeted Leads and New Customers
  2. A System for Repeat Customer Purchases
  3. A System for Partnership, Networking and Customer Referrals


Avoid marketing train wrecks, contact us today to explore how we can build a system to grow your business.

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Blogging is definitely an important way to help others with tips and tutorials.  It's also a great platform for expressing yourself.

When choosing a blogging platform, these are some important features to keep in mind:

  • Linux Hosting is preferred
  • Fantastico or Simple Scripts Installation
  • Posts and Pages – content Area
  • WordPress Themes – the template of the blog
  • Categories – categories for the blog posts
  • BlogRoll – links to other places
  • Widgets -  weather widget, banner, etc… a small application box on the blog which adds a function
  • Plugins -    an application or tool that adds functionality or performance to the blog

Enjoy building your audience!

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Wow, great class today with over 50 people (seemed like it anyways)!

We discussed:

  • Linux Hosting is preferred
  • Fantastico or Simple Scripts Installation
  • Posts and Pages – content Area
  • Wordpress Themes – the template of the blog
  • Categories – categories for the blog posts
  • BlogRoll – links to other places
  • Widgets - weather widget, banner, etc… a small application box on the blog which adds a function
  • Plugins - an application or tool that adds functionality or performance to the blog

Contact us to find out when we are teaching our next round of classes: Houston Web Design

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Actually, the term Internet Marketing is a broad term.  It covers, well, any marketing activity on the internet. It could mean:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Media Marketing
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Building and Promoting your business on the Internet can be a tough job for a business owner.  Knowing what to consider or where to start is often the main issues.   Even if you have a good marketing budget, how to use it carefully?  The following Internet marketing plan can help clear things up.

At a high level, here are the points to consider:
Stage I: Build your Internet Assets

  • There will be plenty of things on your current website that need building up and enhancing
  • If you do not have any Social Media site, it is time to create them
  • You need at least one Blog
  • Assemble and upload Videos
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In today’s day and age, people check out the website before trusting a company. If a website seems legitimate enough then there is a big chance for you to close deals and grow your business through internet leads and sales.

To get those leads and sales on the internet, there are 2 simple but firm requirements. They are:
1. A website needs to get a response.
2. The website needs to get targeted traffic.

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We all know instinctively that if you are selling offline, you could sell and grow your business even more with a solid online presence. But what helps to make an online business successful?  Here are 3 pointers from Houston Web Company offering Professional Website Designs.

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Tags, tags tags.  What?  What's a tag?  Header tags, title tags, and description tags to name a few.

1.  Header tags are the large headlines used on a website page.  H1 is the largest, H2 and H3 are smaller in font size.  These header tags allow website visitors to quickly take in important information on a webpage. Yes, it makes it simpler for a reader to scan and grab information, and makes them stay or "stick" on the website a little longer.  Also, the search engines also take a look at what is being emphasized on the webpage.

So, the "header tag" is one of the places to perform SEO and can help boost a website's search engine placement, while at the same time keeping the visitor interested in "stick"ing around.

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  • Advanced Marketing Diagram
  • Video #1: "Your Target Market"
  • Video #2: "Standing Out"
  • Video #3: "Getting Action"
  • Your Marketing Self-Grader Tool

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