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Houston Marketing Company, Search Engine Optimization Firm

Can You Really Double Your Profits in Months?

How Does Your Marketing Measure Up?

Get the "Big Picture" of an Advanced Marketing Machine, and Assess Your Marketing Grade.

Where is Your HUNGRY Target Market?

Get Laser-Focused about those who urgently respond to your offer, without shopping by price.

Want Some Strategies for Standing Out?

What sets you apart from all the endless choices? Be unique and get more sales.

Want a Desired Action?

Strategies that get action, including "The Essentials of a Lead Generating Website."

The ONLY 3 Ways to Grow Your Business (and Profits)...


1.  New Leads into New Customers.  The tools are important, but your strategy is the most critical.  launch strategies that put your business in the 10% that makes 90% of sales.


2.  Repeat Purchases and Referrals from Past and Current Customers.  Discover your "Ideal" Customer, bring back your lost customers, launch strategies that create raving fans.


3.  Partnerships.  What is the close rate from parnter referrals?  Very high!  Create strategies that nurture and reward partners, and bring you a stream of warm referrals ready to do business.


Global Business Builders is a full-service, integrated marketing company based in Houston, Texas.  We combine the expertise of:

  • A powerful, integrated marketing company
  • The creative punch of an ad agency
  • The communication skills of a public relations firm
  • And the leading edge technical skills of an internet marketing firm


Contact Us Today to Discuss the Possibilities for Your Business:

(832) 491-3243


  • Advanced Marketing Diagram
  • Video #1: "Your Target Market"
  • Video #2: "Standing Out"
  • Video #3: "Getting Action"
  • Your Marketing Self-Grader Tool

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In less than 1 year, we have nearly doubled the revenue at our Psychiatric clinic.

Wafaa Farag, MD
The Mind and Body Clinic

They excel at building Internet Marketing Systems for profitable business growth.

Julia Schonert

Doubled web lead flow with lower marketing costs.

Mike Dement
MultiManagement Services

We have been experiencing high volume growth since working with GBB.

Marsene Boldt, RN
At Your Side Homecare

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Experts in their field and fun to work with.

Carroll Cobb, Director